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welcome to my little corner of the simblrsphere. here you'll find shots from my own game, and if you're lucky, you'll see the occasional reblog. i am WCIF-friendly and i'm almost always taking sim requests, so don't hesitate to ask! i don't bite unless provoked.

i’m so mad, i took a whole bunch of screenshots of ts4 and a couple of ts3 and i was so excited to edit them and finally have something new to post but fraps didn’t capture ANY OF THEM. not a single one!!! ugh oh well. i’ll just have to take twice as many next time i can get on my simming computer.


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They probably don’t Ally and you made his life dear ^~* So…what was the problem exactly? ^^

it just kept dropping the connection or it wouldn’t connect at all so he had me move the adapter closer to the top of the tower so it was near the vent instead of underneath the dvd drive. works like a charm now!


i fixed my internet problem yaaaaaay

special shout out to the tech support guy who sounded really bored but was still super helpful

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ok so now the internet won’t connect at all, or it will but only for a few minutes a time and then it cuts out again

also, does anyone know if there’s a way to adjust the camera angle in ts4 without switching to the ts3 camera controls?

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my new computer came today and I got it all set up and stuff but the internet is obscenely slow atm and i’m not sure why. works just fine on my laptop.


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As was/is everyone else if you’ve noticed comments. Other than that, how’s things for you Miss Ally? :)

i’m alright. having some boy troubles, but what else is new lol. and school just started which is always crappy but on the bright side, that means i’m a little bit closer to being DONE FOREVER

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Nope. No toddlers, pools or ghosts or aliens or anything we’re familiar with that would NORMALLY be on the BASE GAME :/

i’m shocked and appalled

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Probably as likely as them adding ghosts…


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after seeing what i’ve seen of ts4 on my dash and youtube, i guess my most pressing question is when will we get servos pls give me servos


so i got a new computer and i’m really excited to play ts4 and also FINALLY be able to run ts3 smoothly but i also just started thinking about how GOOD ts2 is gonna look on it and i really can’t wait!!!! I’M SO EXCITED why does shipping take like a week